10 rum elixirs under CZK 1000, luxurious Valentine’s Day gift

The times when we treated our girlfriends, boyfriends, wives or husbands to a cheap wine or a beer are long gone. Those of us who cherish rum know that we can make our significant others happy by purchasing a nice rum or rum elixir. And the rumour that sweet rums are for women only is far from the truth. Since the both loved and hated Valentine’s Day is coming, it’s time to recommend some luxurious rum elixirs.

I promise to skip the usual Legendario and recommend some less known but no less tasty. Most of them are under CZK 1000 but I ventured into some more expensive ones because they are simply worth it.

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO 20y 0,7l 40% 

Plantation 20th Anniversary XO is not an elixir as such but it is a flavoured rum. The smooth, slightly sweet taste will make all the classic rum fans happy. It costs CZK 1139.

Companero Elixir Orange 0,7l 40% 

Companero Elixir Orange from Trinidad is for those who enjoy oranges. The price (CZK 799) is maybe even nicer than the elixir itself.

A.H.Riise Family Reserve 0,7l 42% 

Are you the family type? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love mangoes? A. H. Riise Family Reserva is your poison. For CZK 1647, you get a great taste and a gorgeous bottle.

Red Rum 0,75l 35%

Do you like light, floral tastes? The unconventional bottle of Red Rum has to be yours. CZK 576 is nothing to talk about, right?

Hispanico Elixir 0,7l 34%

Plums in rum? Plum brandy in rum disguise? Yes, that’s Hispanico Elixir. CZK 599.

Santos Dumont Rum Elixir XO 0,7l 40% 

Shall we have Brazil and its gorgeously sweet Santos Dumont elixir in a beautiful bottle with golden hue? For CZK 899, it is yours.

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Flavoured Rum 0,7l 35% 

This bottle is for the tough only. A monkey head bottle and taste of dark chocolate. That’s Deadhead Dark Chocolate Flavoured Rum for CZK 1199.

Rumson’s Coffee Rum Black 0,75l 40%

Rum coffee, that’s Rumsons coffee elixir from Boston. You can’t resist for CZK 777.

Sérum Elixir de Ron Carta Oro 0,7l 35% 

Not in the mood for Legendario, feel like something different but similar? Try the Panamian Sérum Elixir de Ron Carta Oro for CZK 484.

Nativo Autentico Overproof 0,7l 54%

And last but not least, my favourite. And it is not an elixir. Strong yet smooth. Over-proof 54 % and yet you taste dark chocolate. That’s  Autentico Nativo for CZK 899.

Do you have better tips? Hit me!

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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