August 16th is the International Rum Day

Every August 16th we celebrate the International Rum Day. The brands that sell best are Tanduay and Bacardi and every year, we drink 1.4 billion litres of rum. Rum is the second most popular type of alcohol in the world. According to Heureka, the most popular rums are Diplomatico, Don Papa (surprise!) and Legendariochoose yours 🙂

Interesting facts from the world of rum

The name „rum” is supposed to be an abbreviation of the English “rumbellion”, meaning “a great uproar”. Evil tongues say it’s because women from the Caribbean partied hard at certain events and their lovers then used to call it this way.

The less romantic but more probable version is that the name comes from the botanical name of sugar cane, i.e. “Saccharum officinarum” or that it has origin on Barbados, where they call it “Rumbullion”. In the late 18th/ early 19th century, there was a shortage of money due to population growth and rum was used as a means of payment. 

How to celebrate the International Rum Day?

How to celebrate the International Rum Day? With rum! If you did not manage to try some yesterday, try it today. My top favourites that I certainly recommend would be these:

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