A shooter is a bit special type of a mixer, usually containing alcohol. One might say it is a form of cocktail shots that you drink in one go. These may be mixed, layered or just poured. The word “shooter” comes from the English shot. This may be because most shooters contain two or more kinds of alcohol and definitely will shoot you. Chupito is a different story… In Spanish, it means basically the same as the English shot/shooter and that’s why speakers of other languages (especially Roman languages) tend to see it as a synonym. In our country, it is a kind of shooter based on white rum, lime juice and decorated with Maraschino cherry. 


This drink will work with basically any good white rum. Most often, Chupito uses Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos and it is definitely not a bad choice. I tried it with a new bottle in my collection, the Cubaney white rum. Which is a brand I like very much. The rum is not old but works nicely in basic mixed drinks like this one. Certainly an interesting thing 🙂


This might be the easiest thing ever. You just need 3 ingredients and no experience is required. Any good white rum may be used as a base. 

  • 3 cl Cubaney Plata Natural
  • approx. 1 cl lime juice
  • Maraschino cherry


Even the method is really easy. Pour both the rum and lime juice in a shot glass (or a liqueur glass). Decorate with the Maraschino cherry. Down it and bite the cherry. 


We used to drink this cocktail early in the evenings, when still unsure of what to drink. We used to say that the taste that lingers in the finish should be the one to follow. The rum represents the sharper, woody to slightly bitter element. The lime juice is the sour and the cherry the sweet part. You may encounter this drink in several versions in most bars. And you may, of course, drink it all night long.

Jiří Naller

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