Coloma 8YO review

Coloma Rum is a product of a family-owned Hacienda Coloma, lying under ancient trees near the Colombian forests. Hacienda was first known for growing and producing coffee, later adding coffee liqueur to its portfolio. However, the owner, Don Alberto Constain Medina has always dreamt of creating a quality Colombian rum. His dream came true after a change in Colombian laws, allowing private-owned companies to produce rum.

This rum is created from molasses, coming from two different types of sugar cane. It first ages in American oak bourbon barrels for 8 years and then rests for another 3 months in barrels originally containing the famous coffee liqueur. The whole process is overseen by two Colombian Master Blenders – the great Sandra Reategui and Judith Ramirez.

The colour of this rum is light brown with copper tones. In the smell, we get vanilla, coffee, wood, leather and a very light touch of incense. The taste is rich, complex, with prominent vanilla and, of course, coffee. The rum is smooth, on the sweeter side, the individual layers are not overwhelming or artificial.

I have not known about this rum until recently. I found it while randomly browsing a Czech e-shop. I was hooked at the first sight by the bottle design and the bright blue bottle. The typically female buying process paid off in this case. For some CZK 800 a very pleasant rum, which I think is definitely worth a try.

Pavel Ungr

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