Contadora 10y: Your rum for pleasant evenings

I have just finished Contadora, which has lasted for more than a year. 2018 was a very interesting year rum-wise, so I cheated on it with other, more interesting rums, but when I came back to Contadora, I realized, it suits me really well. It is not as striking at the beauties from A. H. Riiseand Tributo 2018, or as specific as the rums from the rum calendar, but it makes for a pleasant drink. Let’s get to it.

I found her in a Slevomat offer (yes, sometimes there are interesting things in offer – watch this category) and it came with a beautiful wooden crate. This might raise the price from the crate-less CZK 400 to crate CZK 700.

The manufacturing process

This rum was aged for 10 years in oak barrels. It is a “genuinely aged” rum, which means the label states the youngest rum in the blend. The rum was distilled and bottled in Panama and has the classic 40 % of alcohol.

The taste

You will probably taste vanilla, chocolate and coconut or pineapple. This is an easy, pleasant golden rum (colour of forest honey) for a low price, especially if you don’t like the very sweet Legendario and are happy about the 7.7 out of 10 at Rumratings. Ture, it is slightly sweet. But not much. I did not expect much and this is a good rum in its price range.

According to Heuréka, it may be purchased for CZK 469, which I find to be a very friendly price.

Pavel Ungr

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