Czech ComanDante Reserva Exclusiva rum by Bartida

El Comandante Reserva Exclusiva is a Czech rum, meaning it is distilled in the Caribbean (Panama) for the Czech Bartida company. The El Comandante rum is produced by Hacienda San Isidoro in the Herrera province, central Panama. 

Hacienda San Isidoro dates back to the 30’s of the past century, keeping a reserve of rums aged 50 and more, using them for limited editions. The distillery was founded by Don José Varela Blanco, native from Spain. Currently, the company is run by the third generation of his family. 

The manufacturing process of El Comandante Reserva Exclusiva follows (according to Bartida of course  :-)) a strict protocol. Fermentation using Hacienda San Isidoro yeast lasts 36 to 48 hours. The rum is distilled using distillation columns. This rum is a blend of rums ageing in American white oak bourbon barrels for 7 to 18 years. 


The first essence is sweeter, aromatic – raisins, followed by alcohol and a bit of a pungent note – almost unpleasant.

Colour and bottle

The colour is caramel-like, on the darker side, so you may expect some caramel colouring. The bottle is not bad but nothing exceptional. Not great, not terrible.


According to the official sources, you should get oak wood, later giving way to the younger tones of caramel and vanilla, with a touch of raisins. The finish is peppery and nicely lasting. 

I do not agree with this description. It is alcohol at first, then sweetness comes. But it does not work together. It is as if the flavours were one next to another. Unconnected, unfinished. I feel taste emptiness. As if there was nothing behind the taste. This rum has to be really young and master blender did not do much about it. It reminds me of Bozkov Republica. Unfortunately in a negative way. I don’t like it much. But those who like Bozkov will probably like this one. It rates solid 7 out of 10 at Rumratings.

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