This cocktail dates back to the 1896. The one responsible was an American mine engineer, Jenning Cox. The inspiration came from the grog, which the American sailors drunk while sailing. President Roosevelt’s foreign politics increased the prices of whiskey and vodka, the bases for most cocktails of the era. However, it improved the relationships with the closest neighbours in Latin America. The prices of Caribbean rum thus went way down and so this popular cocktail came to being. Daiquiri is a Cuban beach near the city of Santiago, giving this cocktail its name. Jenning Cox happened to be there due to the Spanish-American war. However, Daiquiri became popular later, in the 40’s of the past century.
Certainly also because of Ernest Hemingway, who was a big fan of this cocktail. Of course, he drank it with grapefruit juice and the maraschino liqueur instead of sugar syrup. His version of the cocktail also bears his name. 


This drink calls for a very good, quality rum. It is a major influence on the taste of the cocktail. That’s why I have chosen the fine Plantation White 3 Stars, which was a very nice surprise to me and it is not half bad even neat. I will certainly review it in the future. You can, of course, use any, ideally white, rum. 


You will make do with very few ingredients here. The only complicated part is the sugar syrup. But I am sure everyone will manage without major issues. Again, use any white rum. 

  • 5 cl Plantation White 3 Stars 
  • 2 cl lime juice 
  • 0,5 cl sugar syrup 
  • ice
  • lime for decoration


First, prepare the sugar syrup using 1 dl of cold water and 100 g sugar. Make more or less syrup to suit your needs, just follow the ration of the two. After that just mix everything in a shaker with crushed ice. Using a strainer, pour into a Cocktail or Martini Glass (the body of a cocktail glass widens steeply, the stem is narrow and long on a wide base). Serve with ice and a slice of lime. 


No wonder this is predominantly a drink for men. It is a bit stronger, not overly sweet and very refreshing. But I am sure many ladies find it to their liking. After all, who likes their drinks sweeter, just add more syrup. Have you tried it? Which rum works best for you in this cocktail? 

Jiří Naller

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