Espero Coco Caribe – The white rum liqueur

White and sweet coconut rum. Something like Malibu but with 40 % of alcohol, coming from the Dominican Republic. Espero Coco Caribe Liqueur Creole is somewhat between a liqueur/elixir and a flavoured rum. It is made of molasses and it is a blend of 4 to 7 y.o. rums ageing in oak barrels, solera method. They are then filtered through charcoal to remove the dark oak-wood colour and mixed with coconut milk.

  • Espero Coco Caribe
  • Espero Coco Caribe in a glass

Apart from the classic turquoise label, you may encounter the older yellow one.


Of course, coconut is the base here but experienced tasters may get vanilla, chocolate, and tropical fruits. As you can see in the image, it is really water-clear. This rum is very sweet, so it will work for those who really love sweet rums. It is great for cocktails but also neat with a good cigar. Rating 7.5 out of 10 at tells you that even a rum this young and sweet can be really good.

You may get it very cheap for CZK 514 or get the dark version in tube for CZK 707.

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