New Don Papa Sevillana Cask Finish is comming

15th October will start worldwide sell new limited edition of Don Papa rum. We saw it at Berlin Rumfest, when we taste a little bit – so here is the summary.

40% blend rums between 4 and 12 years, distilled from sugar cane from Negros Island and aged in ex-bourboun american oak casks. Aging also involves 3 years in 2 different types spanish casks: oloroso Sherry and Andalusian Vino de Naranja (orange wine).

The storry behind this rum is traderoute Manila – Acapulco, which connects Spain with Philipines (throughMexico)

Don Papa Sevillana Cask Finish, image credits

“Inspired by the oranges of Seville, our latest offering is a unique and wonderful blend of Sherry, oranges and Filipino rum. Bursting with flavours of fragrant citrus, salted caramel and a subtle hint of oak and with a smooth, long and tangy finish, this premium unfiltered rum is best enjoyed neat as a smooth and refreshing late summer and autumnal sipper.”

Matthias Cadeac D’Arbaud, globální brand ambassador Don Papa

Philippine rum Don Papa has expanded its portfolio with the launch of a new expression made with Seville oranges.Don…

Zveřejnil(a) The Hospo dne Pátek 23. srpna 2019


By my opinion rum si not so sweet like MassKara or Don Papa 7y. It seems not very interesting, like “not-finished” rum. Something between Sherry Cask and Rare Cask with flavour of oranges.


Price should be around £70 (US$86) for 700 ml bottle.


Dear readers, sorry if my english is not perfect. I am not native speaker, just enthussiastic rum fan from Europe.

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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