Rammstein, the 12-year-old hardstyle rum

After having branded rosé wine, tequila and vodka made, Rammstein finally come with a RUM. This Rammstein rum is a great blend of rums from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana. It combines two distillation methods – pot-still and column still, letting the rum to age in bourbon barrels for 12 years. The final rum has the traditional 40 % of alcohol. It was first introduced at Berlin Bar Convent in November 2018.


Amber colour and interesting, unconventional smell and taste with smoky, woody and fruity notes. A bit bitter from the start but soon fruit aromas arrive with the power you know from Rammstein shows.

Rammstein rum is not a rum for quick drinking or shots. It is a rum you need to get into and the quality of which you get to appreciate after some time. Maybe because this rum is created by the Danish pros from 1423.dk.

Of course, they also fine-tuned the bottle and the tube. The whole packaging breathes copper and metal. The bottle and the tube look great in orange light. It is a heavy metal. Great for both the fans of Rammstein and the fans of good rum. 

Yes, this is not a simple rum, it is not sweet nor weak. And as you might have guessed – I like it a lot. It is a rum for slow drinking, for hard and heavy evenings

Price and availability

In CZ, only one e-shop offers this rum so far. Abroad, the price is around EUR 40, In the Czech Republic, the price is CZK 999 plus shipping

Pavel Ungr

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