Review: Skull Bay Rum Spiced is cheap, sweet and tasty, try it!

This time, we went for a little experiment. This review is hosted by both RumRock writers. To kick off, we start with Jirka Naller, followed by Pavel Ungr. 

Review: Jiří Naller

The origin

The Netherlands. The rums used in this blend come from the Caribbean. They are then mixed and macerated with spices (spiced rum) in the famous Dutch company, Infinity Spirit. Unfortunately, I could not find any information regarding the age of the rums or the area they come from. 


It is quite intense and sweet. I can smell a sherry component, caramel, light vanilla and compote. Imagine a sweeter, more fragrant mix with a slight sharpness. As expected, the woody component isn’t quite there.

The taste

At first sip, it doesn’t seem as sweet as the aroma. I smell traces of caramel and a little honey again. My palate was met with strong aromas of sour cherry, vanilla and a light woodiness with a spicy piquancy. The finish isn’t particularly long or pronounced, just a little tangy. The rum is 37,5% alcohol.

The bottle

An awesome piece of art with a stylish cap. So much better than the classic screw-on version. The brightly colored label with the name matches the skull just nicely. I also like the pirate theme with the old maps and treasures that stands behind the photo mood. The bottle is 0,5l. The colour of the rum is darker, like a lush caramel.

The price

Around CZK 350 for 0.5l. 

The verdict

Within the budget, this one is a keeper. If you are a fan of sweeter, yet spicier spiced rums, go for it. You can drink it on its own (I´d say one glass tops), on the rocks or mixing it up into light cocktails. The taste is interesting, aromatic, and distinctive. Overall, this rum left me with such a sweeter, spicy aftertaste and a nice pirate vibe. Hey, I’d hop on a boat in a heartbeat to find some Caribbean treasure. With a bottle in my pocket, indeed. If you want some cheaper rum, this can certainly be a nice substitute for the classic Morgan, Legendarium 7y and the like.

Review: Pavel Ungr

Well, it is 37.5 % but don’t worry, be happy with a nice “rum”, right? Skull Bay Rum Spiced is a blend of Carribean dark spiced rums, macerated and bottled in the Netherlands by Infinity Spirits from Amsterdam. 

It might be 37.5%, but who gives a damn about percentages with tasty rum, right? Skull Bay Rum Spiced is a blend of Carby dark spiced rums, macerated and bottled in Holland by Infinity Spirits of Amsterdam.


It smells sweet and very pleasantly of caramel and subtle wood, with an alluring taste of vanilla. But make no mistake, the finish is long and pleasantly tangy and quite strong for its 37%. For me, it’s a hidden gem from the on-the-budget category.

The bottle

The bottle is very nice, without being unnecessary fancy. Featuring no glitzy style, the 500m of rum is hidden in a beer-like bottle with a screw cap, yet still in a very elegant shape. The label is made of natural slightly yellowish non-glossy paper with black text and a pirate theme.

Like a beer bottle 🙂

Taste and colour

Although the producer classifies the rum as a dark rum, I´d set it on the borderline between golden and dark. It’s a darker colour of forest honey, with a sweet and very pleasant smell of caramel, a slight touch of wood and vanilla in the taste.

But make no mistake, the finish is long and pleasantly tangy and quite strong for its 37%. For me, it’s a pleasant discovery from the category of budget rums.


My only regret is that we don’t know where those rums come from (the Caribbean is not exactly a concrete definition, is it), what distiller was distilling it and how. Is it molasses? I guess so, but how was it aged and for how long? No idea. But that’s a problem for a good part of the market. But unless you have an aversion to sweeter rums, its taste makes up for it ? .

The price 

It’s cheapo. For half a litre of cool sweet rum, 349 CZK is perfectly fine. You could get 0.7 l for less than 490 Kč. It seems to me that at this price level it’s a fair value for the money/quality ratio. Give it a try and let me know how you liked it. I think it’s a rising star.

Pavel Ungr

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