Review: Skull Bay Rum Spiced is cheap, sweet and tasty, try it!

With this rum, we experimented a bit. Both the active authors of RumRock wrote their reviews. Jiri Naller (first) and Pavel Ungr right after him.

Review: Jiří Naller

The origin

The Netherlands. The rums used in this blend come from the Caribbean. They are then mixed and macerated with spices (spiced rum) in the famous Dutch company, Infinity Spirit. Unfortunately, I could not find any information regarding the age of the rums or the area they come from. 

The smell 

It is quite intensive, sweet. I can smell something like sherry, caramel, a hint of vanilla and compote. It is a sweeter, aromatic mix with a bit of a bite. The woody notes are not very pronounced but I would not expect that here anyway. 

The taste

Not as sweet as the smell at first. Again, notes of caramel and a bit of honey. Lingering aroma of sour cherries, vanilla and a touch of wood and spicy notes. The finish is not particularly long or pronounced, only bites a bit. The rum has 37.5 % of alcohol. 

The bottle

Very nice design, stylish top. Way better than the common screw-on top. The light-coloured label with the name and a skull works great. I like pirate motifs with old maps and treasures. That is why I stylized the images this way. The bottle is 0.5l. The colour is on the darker side, reminding of caramel. 

The price

Around CZK 350 for 0.5l. 

The verdict

A very nice bottle for this price category. If you prefer sweeter spiced rums with a bit of a bite, this is your thing. You can drink it straight (but one glass tops in my opinion), on ice or in cocktails. The taste is interesting, aromatic, and intense. It left a sweeter, spicy aftertaste in my mouth and a nice pirate feeling and made me fell like taking a boat and going on a treasure hut. With a bottle of rum, of course. If you want a cheaper rum, this may be a good alternative to the usual Morgan, Legendario 7y and the likes. 

Review: Pavel Ungr

Well, it is 37.5 % but don’t worry, be happy with a nice “rum”, right? Skull Bay Rum Spiced is a blend of Carribean dark spiced rums, macerated and bottled in the Netherlands by Infinity Spirits from Amsterdam. 

The bottle

The bottle is very pretty, even though it is not sparkly, with golden letters or ornate embellishments.  500 ml of rum hide in a bottle that reminds you of a beer flip-top bottle but the shape remains elegant. The label is natural, slightly yellowish, matte paper with black text and pirate symbols.

Like a beer bottle 🙂

Taste and colour

Even though the manufacturer labels the rum as dark, I see it somewhere between golden and dark. It has a darker shade of forest honey.

It smells sweet and pleasant of caramel and subtle wood, you may taste vanilla. But beware, the finish is long and has a nice bite to it, and it’s quite strong for the 37 %. This makes it the best find in the cheaper rum category.


The only thing that bugs me is that I don’t know where the rums come from (the Caribbean is not the most accurate definition), which distillery produced them and how. Is it molasses? Probably, but how was it aged and for how long? We don’t know. But this is only an issue for a small part of the market. The taste makes up for it – well, if you’re not repulsed by sweeter rums.

The price 

This is a cheap rum. For half a litre of a very decent sweet rum, CZK 349 is a fair price. That would make it CZK 490 for a 0.7 bottle. I think that it is a solid offer price/quality-wise in this price category. Try it and let me know what you think. I see it as a rising star.

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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