Rum-based drink instead of Christmas eggnog? A.H. Riise Cream Liqueur

Today’s article will probably offend orthodox rum connoisseurs and will make happy those who like the sweet, the sweeter and the sweetest rums. These will squeak in joy. Christmas is coming and the eggnog drinking season with it. Eggnog usually contains the Czech potato distillate – tuzemák. Let’s up the Christmas game a bit more to the rum level.

About the A. H. Riise rum liqueur

This rum liqueur is based on the XO rum by A. H. Riise, a Danish brand for Caribbean rums from the Virgin Islands. A. H. Riise represents the luxurious, sweet and aromatic rums. This liqueur combines the XO rum with fresh cream, vanilla, caramel, cocoa, and real sugarcane sugar.

The taste of A. H. Riise rum liqueur

All the above-mentioned ingredients create a liqueur with a unique creamy taste of vanilla and oranges. The finish is soft and creamy. As you may know it from Baileys.

A. H. Riise features this cream liqueur, but also the salty caramel version. I love them both so I recommend them both.

Have a nice rum Christmas!

You may get this wonderful rum liqueur for a great price starting at CZK 388. 

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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