Rum glasses

If you really want to enjoy your rum, not just any glass will cut it. The only ideal shape is closed, i.e. classic cognac glasses. Alternatively, you can use narrower glasses for rum and liqueurs – these are often on a tall pint glass, being either completely closed (like a red wine glass) or opened again once closed – in the tulip shape.

So what we drank from at the Legendario preview party was totally inappropriate.

On contrary, glasses like this are perfect:

It is because the rum smell stays better in the narrow-mouthed glasses, does not evaporate so quickly and thus when drinking, you smell what you’re supposed to smell and it is a part of the tasting experience.

This post is not by accident because I’ve just  bought a set of gorgeous cut crystal A-CRYSTAL HandMade3 rum glasses. I think you’ll fall in love with them, too. Jenifer e-shop sells them for 1 391 CZK, so it is roughly about 232 CZK per glass. Interested? Get yours today.? See those beauties in action on my photos:  

Ground crystal rum glass

P.S.The very same deal is now available on Slevomat for 799 CZK, but it might not last for long.

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