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For some time, I have noticed a nice growth in the rum community. From rum fans, enthusiasts, bartenders and bars, to brand representatives, distributors, rum investors, rum purists, brand ambassadors, to the general public, who just like rum, or true rum professionals. The Rum CZ SK FB group alone has more than 1800 members and the number keeps increasing. There are other groups, such as Tipy na rumové akce, degustace or Rum a vše kolem něj, which have other hundreds of rum fans.

Many others and I miss some form of gatherings. The braver and less introverted ones 🙂 of us have started gathering in bars, on tastings, rum festivals or while exchanging bottles or collective shopping abroad. As the founder of RumRock, I said to myself there might be more to it. I have no ambitions to organize events for hundreds. But I do want to organize small gatherings for rum fans. So I decided to give it a try.

That’s how RumRock Blend was born, the first attempt at a series of gatherings of the rum community. I hope for it to be the right “blend” of people, rums and atmosphere. If it goes well, we will repeat, not only in Prague! To make it special, I made a deal with a great rum bar, La Casa de La Havana vieja.


The main point of this gathering is to meet, chat and drink together but I wanted to add something extra. That’s why I arranged a short program with the bartenders (you certainly know this from rum festivals), which will make people happy and won’t bother anyone. What awaits you, apart from the informal chat?

Tasting of non-traditional rums

You can of course expect a welcome drink, created by a true pro – Václav Jahn, the brand ambassador of Trois Rivières.

We have tried to choose interesting samples of rums that should please and surprise you. We will not disclose anything more but you may look forward to trying 4 samples (2 cl per rum).

The samples of course follow the traditional rum categories. It will function as an entertaining intro into rum categories, it will demonstrate the differences between the 4 basic styles and introduce rum as such. The samples are of course way off the current mainstream, so we hope most of you have not made acquaintance. You may expect: 

  • dry Spanish island rum,
  • sweeter Spanish continental rum,
  • British-style rum, 
  • French agricole rhum.

And plenty of water to flush it down and something small to balance the tastebuds between the individual rums. 

The Trinidadian intermezzo

We managed to arrange a visit of a rum bartender from Italy, Paolo Molinaro and the owner of London’s Trinidadian Limin bar, Sham Mahabir, with short talks.

Blind tasting for the proficient

We want to see how rum-proficient we are away from our monitors and mobile phones 🙂 We will prepare a blind tasting of several rums and 5 brave individuals will get the chance of testing their taste buds. Can you tell Havana from Abuelo? Can you recognize Autentico Nativo and Botran? Let’s see. All hail the winner! 🙂

The price

My dearest, everything has a price. We tried to keep it at the very minimum because we aim at improving the rum community, but there are other moments for charity. For CZK 495, the spectacular evening is yours. If everything goes well and people are interested, there will be more and regularly.

When and where

September 19th, 18:00 in Prague, La Casa de La Havana vieja

SOLD OUT! The number of attendees is limited. First come, first served. Access only with a valid ticket. Do not hesitate and reserve your spot using the form below.

Do you have questions? E-mail me at

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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