Strong, bitter-sweet love at first sight, Nativo Autentico Overproof 54%

Even though I have recently been drinking quite a lot of drier and stronger rums, I am always happy to come back to those sweeter ones. And today’s piece is one of my favourites. I have realized that my top rums are still missing on RumRock. Let this bottle be the first of my top favourites. And for a very good price too.

Gorgeously golden, amber molasses rum from Panama, showing its full strength. You certainly notice the 54 % and this is not a light rum. However, it offers both strength and smoothness in perfect balance. This is a rum that definitely should have a spot in your bar. Be it for its strength, its taste or price tag, which is extremely friendly.

The manufacturing

Continuous distillation in the traditional copper still from 1922, in Las Cabras distillery. Aging for 15 years (not solera-style) in charred American white oak bourbon barrels. Filtered using cellulose membranes and consequently cold-filtered. The wonderful taste is a result of the work of the famous Master Blender, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernández.

The smell

The smell is pleasant, aromatic and a seasoned rum-taster will identify chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

The taste

The rum has very pronounced dark chocolate notes. You may also taste cocoa, molasses, fugs, charred oak, vanilla, tobacco and cinnamon. Give it a go with dark or white tasting chocolate (at least 80 %).

The price

Considering all the superlatives, I find the price very decent. You can get a bottle of this beauty for a very fair price of CZK 899. 

When I was introduced to this rum by Lukáš Hanzl from UPB, he immediately added that this rum won an award at Berlin RumFest for the best bottle in this price category. Yes, the price:quality ratio is wonderful with this one and it deserves a spot among my top favourite rums, which I like to bring to tastings and buy for myself.

Pavel Ungr

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