Today we drink the 12-year-old Angostura from Trinidad!

I have had this rum for a year now and I got it delivered to Slovenia by the owner of, Dominik. They just did not have anything good to drink, so he stopped by, while “went past” with his family. And since then, this beauty lives with me and the more I try, the better it gets. Like a proper lady 🙂

The story of Angostura rum

The story of this exceptional rum begins in the 19th century, when a German doctor, Dr. Siegert, helped soldiers from Trinidad in fighting Spanish conquistadors (let’s call them intruders). He dedicated himself to studying the Caribbean nature and thus discovered the famous syrup, today known as Angostura Bitter (or Angostura Aromatico Bitter). Every good bar should hold this, even though the original use was purely medical – as a cure for sea-sickness. In the end of his life (1850-1870), Dr. Siegert just kept improving and fine-tuning the syrups and Angostura rums. He named them after the city of Angostura, Venezuela, where he lived at that time. 

Today, the Angostura 1919 and Angostura 1824 rums are made in the city of Port of Spain on the Trinidad and Tobago Island. After the fire of 1932, which destroyed Government Rum Bond, J.B.   Fernandes, the distillery’s Master Blender, saved a single barrel and found rum from 1919 inside. He mixed it wonderfully and named the rum Angostura 1919.


On Rum Ratings, Angostura 1919 has 7 out of 10 points.

Angostura 1919 awards

The taste of Angostura rum

Angostura 1919 is a blend, i.e. a mixture of rums and the taste is typically Trinidadian. The ageing in American bourbon barrels for at least 8 years creates golden to amber colour and in its taste you find (if you look for it) vanilla, cocoa and caramel. You may see the colour in the following pictures:

In smell, it is a common rum. But the taste has something that gets you. Grapefruit-like bitterness in the beginning, followed by a very specific taste, which I have no comparison for. If you fall in love with this, it is forever. For the price, this rum is definitely above average. It has a specific finish, a most characteristic taste. This rum from Tridnidad and Tobago is the winner of the test for me.

Jakub Horak,

The price is very fair

Because after a year and while writing this review, I will probably finish the bottle, it is time to look for a new one. You pay under CZK 1000, which is great.  The prices start at CZK 984.

Pavel Ungr

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