What is Motörhead Premium Dark Rum like?

After Rammstein rum by 1423, here comes another rum created for a metal band. Motörhead have had some alcoholic beverages made for them already (wine, whisky, vodka and beer) but with rum, this is a first. Motörhead rum is a 40 % rum, coming from the Dominican Republic (Czech Hy&VeCo will tell you it comes from Barbados but I found no proof of that), where it was solera-aged for 8 years in bourbon barrels

The bottle

This is a regular rounded bottle, nice but not special. Of course, the label contains visual elements typical for
Motörhead – their logo, font, the crossed sabres and the motto “Born to Lose, Live to Win.“.

The colour

Motörhead rum is a dark, very dark rum. I took pictures of a glass against a light background, which shows you how dark it is.

The smell

You may notice some bite in this rum which shows its 40 % but also dark chocolate. It is not so overly sweet such as dark chocolate in Atlantico Nativo Over-Proof 54 %. The smell is nice and strong but it does not hesitate to show some alcohol and bite. Not unpleasant though.

The taste

Everyone seems to agree you can taste dried fruit, vanilla, brown sugar and dark chocolate. Yes, I can confirm that. The rum is sweeter than I would expect, gliding along the glass a bit slower, so I would not be surprised with a bit of extra sweetening (but I found no official information on that). Generally, I would expect a stronger, drier rum, more in the style of Motörhead music. This is where Rammstein rum did it better. Motörhead rum is smoother and sweeter but I would say it is right on the borderline. It will not be interesting for those in favour of sweet rums and it will be too sweet for traditional dry, strong rums.

The price

The prices start at EUR 30 abroad, often more like EUR 40. Only one Czech e-shop has the rum on offer so far, Heureka offers the price of CZK 980. I dare say I would pay 2 to 3 hundred less for it.

Pavel Ungr

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