Why the popular Legendario Elixir de Cuba is not quite rum?

The so-called Legendario is a very popular rum drink in Spain, Cuba and in the Czech Republic. There are many myths and half-truths tied to it, which I would like to explain. But before I get to Legendario, allow me a bit of an introduction. I like Legendario Elixír, I always have a bottle at home and I enjoy it regularly. And so I would like to elaborate on some things about its creation.

Not familiar with Legendario Elixir? I recommend it, if you like sweet rums. It is a rum drink, to which certain evil-minded people would refer to as sticky 🙂.  A very sweet and very delicious drink. It is a blend of several añejo rums (based on the producer’s information older than 7 years) the traditional Cuban way. Extracting sugar cane juice yields molasses, which is allowed to ferment and then distilled. Añejo rums then lie in American oak barrels for 2 to 4 years. Then raisins are macerated in the blend for a month, they are pressed after maceration and the juice is added to the final beverage. Another important fact – demineralized water is used in production. This makes you taste macerated raisins, caramel and oranges, which create the exceptional taste of Legendario Elixir.

Some interesting facts about the Legendario brand. To make things clear, Legendario Elixir is not the only bottle of this brand – you may find 5 bottles at alkohol.cz and these are genuine proper rums. Legendario is just a brand, making rums (not just Legendario) and it was founded as a family business in Havana, Cuba in 1946 (unfortunately now transferred into state property).  This was where the first Legendario rum was born, in the historic centre, in Havana Bocoy, with rum tradition dating back to 16th century. However, the seat of Legendario is in Spain and they import all the beverages from Havana.  Legendario rums and elixirs are made in 6 Cuban distilleries. Matanzas, Villa Clara, Havana and 3 in Pinar del Rio.

Why is Legendario Elixir de Cuba not a rum?

Legendario Elixir is a Punch au Rhum, which loosely translates as rum punch. Even its manufacturing process – see above – shows more of a liqueur. Legendario Elixir is also a very viscous beverage, the drops glide down the glass slowly, heavily, which is because it is not a rum rum, its matter reminds us more of a syrup or honey. According to the Cuban and Spanish laws, a beverage called rum must have no more than 20 grams of sugar per litre. Anything containing more sugar must be named elixir, which we may roughly call a liqueur or punch here.

Legendario Elixir de Cuba is a great gift – especially for ladies 🙂

But let’s be honest. Be Legendario Elixir de Cuba whatever it is, it is an interesting, smooth and sweet beverage. A great starting point for those willing to venture into the rum world. It is also very popular with ladies thanks to it smooth and sweet taste. In CZ, you may get it i.e. on Alkohol.cz for a fair price of CZK 469 and the bottle looks great – with the Cuban flag and in some stores even with a Cuban hat. Or you may choose among other e-shops at Heureka:

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