The rum-purist Christmas: Hampden Estate and Luca Gargano rums in Prague

On February 5th, UPB organized an interesting event in Prague. Hampden Estate rum tasting and presentation of the famous Luca Gargano in Prague. I had the honour of representing on this event. For me, as a sweeter-rum fan, this was very interesting.

Both Hampden Estate and Luca Gargano represent the purist view on rum, claiming that rum should be unsweetened and non-flavoured. An interesting view which leads to much interesting taste and in my opinion misses out on some experiences.

From this point of view, Hampden Estate is a very traditional distillery in Jamaica, which used to be a subcontractor and now markets its own rums. The rums are distilled in the traditional pot-still way. 

Luca Gargano is a very lively, dynamic person, who certainly gives his heart into rums. He is also a great speaker, radiating enthusiasm. 

The rums for tasting were, of course, drier and stronger, the second one was around 60 %. Hampden Estate rums rely on these 5 pillars:

  1. Spring water
  2. Spontaneous fermentation 
  3. Pot-still distillation 
  4. 100% Caribbean ageing (Angel’s share of 10 %)
  5. Zero sugar and zero colouring added

You may find a more detailed article at my colleague’s – the blog of Radek Navrátil.

Luca Gargano and myself

Pavel Ungr

I am rum fan from Czech republic, founder rum magazine RumRock. I taste rums, test bars & degustations and rum rum events write about it. I also write in czech. Check also my Instagram

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